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Our client's success is of utmost importance and we highly value their feedback. At ArcusScale, we thrive on challenges and take pride in resolving the most complex ones. Our customers' testimonials speak for themselves

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We deeply value our collaborative journey with clients and wholeheartedly appreciate their partnership and feedback, which drive our continuous improvement.

Oil and Gas - Online Platform

Our client embarked on a groundbreaking mission to reshape the oil and gas mineral rights market through the creation of an innovative online marketplace. This ambitious undertaking aimed to provide a seamless and specialized platform for buyers and sellers to trade their rights and interests.


The challenge was to develop a user-centric solution tailored to the unique requirements of the industry. The goal was to simplify and modernize the trading process for mineral rights and interests, making it accessible and efficient for industry participants.


The client selected ArcusScale as their technology partner to bring this vision to life. The journey began with meticulous planning, including the creation of wireframes and logic to ensure the platform's efficiency. ArcusScale's development team executed the plan, using JIRA for agile project management, ensuring every aspect of the project was meticulously tracked through stories and sprints. Effective communication was maintained using Slack.


Thanks to ArcusScale, the company was able to significantly scale and expand its services and offerings to prospective customers. The vendor has shown a willingness to do things the right way, which has been just what the client needed.
Being new as a product owner, the two founders helped me develop this skill set and guided me in ways I don't think any other software company would have done. We are now beginning to monetize our investments

Pharmaceutical Workflow Management

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company partnered with ArcusScale to develop a partner-facing portal, optimizing internal workflow management. Over a 16-week project, our collaborative effort resulted in a user-friendly portal built on robust technologies. The portal streamlined workflows, improved partner interactions, and elevated operational efficiency for the pharmaceutical company.


A prominent pharmaceutical manufacturing company faced a critical challenge in managing its internal workflow efficiently. They needed a partner-facing portal, but the existing solutions were not meeting their specific needs. The company sought a web-based system to streamline their workflow, optimize partner interactions, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


In collaboration with ArcusScale, the pharmaceutical manufacturer embarked on a transformative journey to address this challenge. The project spanned 16 weeks and involved intensive work to ensure the portal's success. The portal's architecture is built on robust technologies, with C# and .NET frameworks providing the backbone for its functionality. Angular was chosen for the user interface.


ArcusScale’s involvement has allowed us to attain new business, provide solutions for our customers, and expand our portfolio of business offerings.
We’ve made one of our pipelines very strong by simply making that solution an option.
We were impressed with their transparency, openness to feedback, and flexibility.

Nonprofit Organization

A software developer partnered with ArcusScale to create a streamlined data management web application for a nonprofit organization. The goal was to simplify donation management and donor information tracking.


The nonprofit sought to modernize and simplify the way they handled donations and managed their donors' information. Their existing processes were time-consuming, manual, and lacked the efficiency needed to support their mission effectively.


ArcusScale stepped in as the technology partner to tackle this challenge. We embarked on the journey to develop a user-friendly web application tailored specifically for the nonprofit's needs. The solution we crafted enables the organization to effortlessly identify their donors, track donation amounts, understand donor backgrounds, and gather other essential information crucial for their operations.


Our clients are very impressed with the app, which is not surprising because ArcusScale has put so much effort into building this app. There’s just nothing that they haven’t already thought of — they’ve even thought about how the product’s going to sell and how it’s going to work in our clients’ environments.
They’re just so knowledgeable. They know that not everything fits one project — they’re always thinking outside of the box, customizing the project for us, and giving us ideas on where they think the project should head to make the project as best as it could be.
A reliable partner, ArcusScale delivers high-quality work on time. They communicate effectively and keep us updated at all times to ensure transparency. Their open-minded approach and receptiveness to feedback allow them to deliver a tailor-made product that aligns with our needs.